Gerald R. Ford Museum
Exhibits, Events, Education Center

303 Pearl Street, NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

616-254-0400 (tel)
616-254-0386 (fax)

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Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (Mon-Sat)
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Sundays
(Closed New Year's, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Days)

Gerald R. Ford Library
Research, Events, Small Exhibits

1000 Beal Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

734-205-0555 (tel)
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Hours: 8:45am-4:45pm (Mon-Fri)
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Gerald R. Ford Museum Staff Directory

Sending e-mail to staff members:
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  • Elaine Didier - Director
    Elaine serves as director of both the Library and the Museum.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0398.

  • James Kratsas - Deputy Director
    Jim oversees the Museum and supervises the work of its staff.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0385.

  • Janice Berling - Museum Store Manager
    Janice runs the Museum Store.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0376.

  • Bridget Carrigan - Administrative Officer
    Bridget works closely with the Director on such matters as personnel, finance, and reporting for both the Library and Museum. She also serves as the system administrator of the Museum's computer network.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0371.

  • Bettina Cousineau - Exhibit Specialist
    Bettina helps plan, design, and fabricate temporary exhibits, and maintain the permanent exhibit.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0372.

  • James Draper - Registrar
    Jamie is responsible for keeping track of the Museum's huge collection of artifacts. He also handles paperwork, loan agreements, etc. relating to major temporary exhibits.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0379.

  • Donald Holloway - Curator
    Don takes the lead in producing Museum exhibits, both permanent and temporary.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0378.

  • John Hurley -- FOSA (Computer System Administrator)
    John administers our computer networks and keeps Library and Museum computers running properly.
    Telephone: (734) 205-0553.

  • Mark Jonick - Facilities Manager
    Mark coordinates all building maintenance, repairs, and improvement for both the Library and Museum. He is also responsible for arranging and administering contracts for building services, ranging from 24 hour guard service at the Museum to lawn mowing at the Library.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0375.

  • Kristin Mooney - Public Affairs Specialist
    Kristin assists Barb McGregor in implementing Museum educational programs and special events. Contact her if you are interested in becoming a Museum volunteer. 
    Telephone: (616) 254-0374.

  • Barbara McGregor - Education Specialist
    Barb's portfolio includes planning and implementing Museum educational programs and special events. She also is responsible for the volunteer program.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0373.

  • Desiree Ruhland - Program Assistant
    Desiree' provides administrative and clerical support for the Director and the Museum staff. She is also the Special Events Coordinator for the Museum.
    Telephone: (616) 254-0367.

    Museum Store Staff
    Telephone: (616) 254-0368

  • Betty Martin
  • Phyllis Vega